Active Schools Flag

Tynock N.S. is committed to providing high-quality Physical Education to all pupils. All classes receive 60 minutes of formal PE lessons each week. All classes are taught the strands of Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games and Outdoor & Adventure each year. All pupils also take part in Aquatics, having swimming lessons each year in the Carlow.
Teachers use a variety of resources to guide them in delivering quality PE lessons. PSSI Lesson Plans are widely used throughout the school. We have introduced the Move Well, Move Often programme to teach the Fundamental Movement Skills to all pupils. In September 2019, we introduced a standardised PE timetable, meaning that all classes will be taught the same strand and Fundamental Movement Skill at the same time during the school year. This will allow for the sharing of resources and ideas among staff and ensure that an equal amount of time is given to each strand.

• ‘Do your Talking as You’re Walking’ – we have introduced this into our playground to encourage pupils who, even if they just want to chat, they can do so while walking to make sure they are keeping active.
• Playground Game of the Month – we have a different playground game each month that pupils can choose to play on the yard if they wish. Our committee members teach the game to younger classes at the start of each month and encourage them to play it throughout the month. The game is displayed at each door to the yard as a reminder.
• Playground Leaders – pupils from 4th-6th class can sign up to become a Playground Leader. They give up one lunch break per week to play games with the Junior Classes, ensuring they are active and happy throughout break time.
• Active Breaks – All classes take part in active breaks throughout the school day. This includes Go-Noodle, Bizzy Breaks, 10at10 and a variety of classroom movement ideas. On a wet day, if pupils cannot go outside at break time, extra time will be given to movement breaks in the classroom.
• Tour of Europe Challenge – this running challenge will take place in the Summer term each year. Each class chooses a European landmark to ‘run’ to e.g. the Eiffel Tower is 778km away. We use our Active Walkway to clock up the kilometres; 3 laps of our walkway is 1km. We collect a lollipop stick every time we complete a lap to keep track!

Kiltegan GAA – we have a very strong school-club link with our local GAA club.
Be Active After School – this initiative is run with the help of the parents association: This after school activity will run during the summer term for an hour after school for one day a week.
Tullow Rugby Club – coaches from Tullow Rugby Club visit the school for a block of time each year to teach rugby skills to all classes.
GAA 5-Star – we are partnered with the GAA to become a GAA 5-Star Centre. The GAA 5 Star initiative aims to support and recognise Primary Schools that provide pupils with 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous Gaelic Games activity per week in a manner that ensures the children will experience fun, friendship, fairness and ultimately improve their fitness.
Super Troopers – All our pupils receive a Super Troopers journal which gives them Active homework each night. Pupils are encouraged to do the activity each night as part of their homework.
Active Flag Committee – Our Active Flag Committee made up of children from Junior Infants to 6th Class. Pupils are given various roles and tasks to carry out throughout the school year such as making announcements at assembly, giving messages to the classrooms on various initiatives, designing posters for the school, carrying out surveys and checking the suggestion box. Our pupils play a very important role in organising and delivering our Active Flag initiatives.


Active week is a week of fun activities held in June. We have a wide variety of activities throughout the week such as a disco in the yard, circuits and fun activities. Pupils and staff wear tracksuits during Active Week and Active Homework is given throughout the week. It is hoped to be a very enjoyable experience. most enjoyable weeks