Additional Information

  1. Our school is  welcoming place to all who visit us. In the interests of security all visitors should report to the Principal/Deputy Principal or Secretary
  2. Homework provides a very positive link between school and home. It consolidates work done in school and fosters good work habits. In Infants the homework should not take longer than twenty minutes to complete. In First and Second class,the homework given should not take more than thirty minutes. In Third and Fourth Class,homework should not take more than forty-five minutes. In Fifth and Sixth Class,homework should not take more than one hour. If your child regularly exceeds this limit and you are satisfied that it is not due to poor work habits or distractions,please come and talk to the teacher. When homework is not completed,a written note should be entered in the relevant space in the child’s homework journal for the teacher’s attention. Communication from your child’s teacher may also be written in this journal space. And don’t forget – PRAISE,PRAISE,PRAISE!!!! Please bring to the attention of your child’s teacher anything that might affect his/her happiness or performance in school – in particular sight and hearing difficulties
  3. In September,there will be an opportunity for all Parents/Guardians  to meet with their child’s teacher. This will be an evening meeting to facilitate maximum attendance. The purpose of this meeting is to familiarise Parents with the curriculum and their child’s life in school. Parents have found these meetings to be particularly helpful and your attendance is highly recommended.
  4. Good home-school communications is really important to us. For general information,we issue notices and newsletters to parents through the children’s schoolbags.We also send text messages to parents.
  5. One-to-one parent-teacher meetings are held once a year and it is important that you attend these meetings in order to keep in touch with your child’s progress. If your child is experiencing a particular problem it is essential that you communicate this to the teacher so that s/he can help your child to cope. Please don’t wait for the annual Parent-Teacher meeting to see your child’s teacher – act quickly!
  6. Absences:When your child is absent from school it is necessary to write a note to your child’s teacher explaining the reason for his/her absence. All notes are kept on file. Under the Education Act 2002,the school must inform the Education Welfare Board when a child accumulates 20 absences or when there is a concern about a child’s attendance. It is long established that there is a direct link between high pupil attendance and progress in school.
  7. Occasionally parents need to withdraw their children from school during the day. In this case the parent should sign their child out in the office and in order to minimise disruption Jacqueline will collect the child and bring them to the office.
  8. The school purchases school books for all children, parents are asked to purchase the copies and stationary. The school then invoices the parents before the end of September. An approximate cost is issued in June with the school reports.
  9. Parents/Guardians are advised that the distribution of invitations to parties/cards is not permitted in the school. This is necessary in order to maintain our ethos and to ensure that no child feels like an outsider. Your co-operation with regard to this is greatly appreciated.
  10. Children receive a lunch each day in school, In the interest of good waste management and keeping school refuse charges at a minimum,the children take home their lunchbox waste daily. Your co-operation in this regard is greatly appreciated. Children are allowed to bring a small treat on Fridays to school. Lollipops, chewing gum and fizzy drinks are not allowed at any time.